NepHop star and one of the most popular rapper of Nepal, Yama Buddha is no more.  As per the reports, YamaBuddha passed away at his London-based apartment on Saturday. While he may not be physically present with us, his work continues to inspire young and upcoming musicians till date.

Yama’s latest album which was yet to be released. Source: Facebook

By his stage name, “Yama-Buddha” wanted to tell every person has a balance of good and bad. And he did that too in his compositions. Mostly talking about the struggle and real stories of Nepali people his creations were an instant hit and favorite among many.

As his facebook page says, “Yama Buddha, was a trilingual Nepali rapper. Having written his first poem in the 3rd grade, Yama Buddha demonstrated a natural talent for writing at a very young age. As he grew up listening to hip hop music, Yama’s poetry evolved into writing rhymes, and began rapping at the age of 16. Born in a small Nepali village, he was inspired by poverty and class struggle to use hip hop as a tool for social change.

Since embarking on his journey into the world of hip hop, Yama Buddha had gone through tremendous transformations as an artist and an individual, reflected in the lyrical content of his music. He raps for the love of humanity, for creative self-expression, and most of all to carry a conscious minded, positive message.”

Although being an IT engineer, his love for music never died. He continued his hobby and ultimately put himself on the top of the game. An example for many, Yama’s songs and contribution to the industry still live on. Listen to his most hit track below.






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