What do you do after you complete your Development Studies program ?

The course of Development Studies as a Bachelors program was introduced in 1999 A.D. by National College which is affiliated to Kathmandu University, School of Arts. This made Nepal the first and the only country in South Asia to have an undergrad degree in such a program.

Bachelors in Development Studies was originally a 3 years program, but to meet international standards, was changed into a 4 years program from 2003. From the year 2003 to 2015, there have been 372 graduates. On December of 2016, 52 more students would be graduating.

The demand for field work in the program and the need to gain experience allows students to be easily engaged in some kind of work. About half the Development Studies students who  are in their 3rd year and two-thirds students in their 4th year are employed in some sort of full time or part time work.

The stats

Over the total 589 graduates by 2015, almost all of them have pursued higher education of started professional career. Many of them have successfully completed their higher studies in various universities and some have been engaged in professional jobs with leading Institutions such as Action Aid, ICIMOD, Oxfam, Save the Children, UN, USAID while some have started their own entrepreneurship activities.

A network of graduates already has been expanded in several countries like Australia, Canada, China, Japan, Poland, South Korea, Thailand, United Kingdom, United States and others.



Niraj Speaking in the program "Corporate Icon" @ Avenues TV
Niraj Speaking in the program “Corporate Icon” @ Avenues TV

Niraj Khanal, an alumnus of the college, who is the CEO/Co-founder of Antarprerana and is known for entrepreneurial leadership programs in Nepal, says that joining the program helped him observe the need for entrepreneurial activities in the country and opt for a different yet more effective and change making career path ahead.


Sachin carrying the flag, at the biggest Nepali flag event.
Sachin carrying the flag, at the biggest Nepali flag event.


Sachin Timalsena, batch of 2015, states ‘Sometimes you just get the knowledge, but fail on how to apply it. The course gives you the platform to test your skills and knowledge out in the field’. He is currently pursuing his post-graduate in Conflict, Peace and Development along with his MBA. He has been involved in conducting programs to inspire the young generation to take an initiative in the political situation of the country in colleges all over the valley. Sachin had been an active member of the organization Human Value for Peace and Prosperity (HVPP). He helped channelize over 1000 volunteers during the earthquake for various organizations. He was one of the organizers to make the human flag in Tudikhel which held a world record(date pls).

Yukta at BHAVISYAVANI : Preparatory Workshop.
Yukta at BHAVISYAVANI : Preparatory Workshop.

‘Development Studies helps you get familiar with the technical aspect and developmental jargons. But, at the same time, a student has to learn to get out of this bubble and do some research on their own’, Yukta Bajracharya, batch of 2015. This program may equip a student with the necessary tools, but critical assessment in order to learn on how to handle such tools. Yukta is interested in art management or project management. She is working on spoken word poetry by organizing various events to encourage people to express their ideas.

Being a multi-disciplinary approach, the students of Development Studies have an advantage of this program which helps them adjust in any kind of situation.

They are able to discover their interests and work on that. Some are even seen on completely changing their discipline, but the flexibility of Development Studies helps them cope up with it.


Picture source : Yukta @ BHAVISYAVANI (DREAMS), Sachin (DAILY MAIL UK)

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